Rotary in Kosovo

Kosovo became member of the Rotary International on 4th of November 2005 and until the end of 2010, in Kosovo were around 250 Rotarians.

Kosovo Rotarians are promoting Rotary values and are offering their services in the programs that are dealing with: health, illiteracy, environment, water, ambassadorial and exchange students programs and poverty projects.

Kosovar Rotarians are supporting Polio Plus project and have cooperation with Rotary Clubs in Europe, USA and worldwide.

In Kosovo, to date are nine Rotary Clubs. Beside the Rotary Club Prishtina there are also:
Rotary Club Peja, Rotary Club Gjakova, Rotary Club Prizreni, Rotary Club Ferizaj, Rotary Club Mitrovica, Rotary Club Pristina International, Rotary Club Prishtina-Dardania and Rotary Club Gjilani.


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